What Empowered Women Represent

When one comes across the brand name “Avon”, the association is easy and immediate: women, direct selling, beauty, and cosmetics. Still, there’s so much more to Avon than what we know. Through the years, the company has been empowering women through the earning opportunities it offers and each Avon Representative’s success story is a testament to how Avon has been making a beautiful difference in the lives of countless families. It is no wonder that each Avon lady will tell you, without batting a fabulously mascara-ed eyelash, that it’s “Nakaka-proud!” to be an Avon Representative.

Avon celebrates this triumph of instilling the pride of being an Avon Representative, cascading it to company Associates, and eventually is being felt by customers, through its pride-filled campaign #NAKAKAPROUD. The campaign has revealed inspiring stories about how empowered Avon Reps developed virtues of courage, strength, confidence, determination, and passion, with the company providing moral and financial inspiration. Check out their amazing stories:

The purpose of enriching lives. Rosalie was a registered nurse when it dawned on her that a bigger purpose is in store for her. On the path to finding that purpose, she discovered that being an Avon Rep can give her the financial capacity to share her successes. Not only is she now able to provide her own family with a comfortable life, but she has also given scholarship grants to deserving students in her community.

The house that determination built. That one stormy day rainwater started gushing through the roof of Marina’s bahaykubo (nipa hut) was the last straw. Determined to build a better home for her kids, she grabbed the opportunity at Avon, working her way up to become a sales leader. Today, not only does she live in her dream house, but she is also a proud owner of several properties and luxury cars. But the sweetest fruit of her determination is that she was able to send her three kids to college, which helped them build their own careers and raise their respective families with comfortable lives.

Confidence turns lugaw vendor into a “star”. With her lugaw (rice porridge) business barely earning profit, then young mother Angie decided to take the invitation to become an Avon Representative. Confident by nature, she performed like a star and immediately became a sales leader. This confidence even shines through whenever she speaks in public to share her success story.

Finding strength among family. Gloria may have lost her husband to a fatal accident years before, but she managed to pull her strength from her three kids. It also helps that she has a second family in Avon, which has been helping her not only financially, but emotionally as well. Because she is earning sufficiently from selling Avon products, she still manages to spend time with her family – that alone is more than enough source of strength for one strong-willed woman.

Fighting adversity through burning passion. Glo was already an Avon Representative when her daughter was diagnosed with heart disease. Her earnings went mostly to operation procedures, and this only drove Glo to work even harder until she raised enough funds. This experience for her daughter gave her the reason to pass on her burning passion to aspiring representatives so that they, too, can find the light that will guide them toward a better life.

Surviving breast cancer with courage. Franz found hope through Avon’s advocacy for breast cancer awareness. She realized that her being a breast cancer survivor has given her a second chance at realizing her dreams of a better future. Now, she is proudly selling Avon products and sharing her inspiring survival story at the same time – an opportunity that not everyone is blessed enough to have.

These stories are so inspiring that one will most probably end up thinking, “maybe I should try being an Avon Rep myself!” And why not? Avon is the no. 1 direct selling company in the country; it has an exclusive range of award-winning products; the products are so easy to sell because of its affordability and high quality; the earning opportunities are remarkable; and the company represents Beauty for a Purpose. Now, that’s truly #NAKAKAPROUD!

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