The Newest Barbershop for Modern Men

When you were a kid, great-looking hair is not really that important to you. But now that you’re all grown up, you’ve maybe come to appreciate that proper hair care needs a bit more effort. What you use can change based on how long your hair is and what style you want.

The Macho Mucho Barber and Salon is the newest salon/barber shop not just for men but also for women, conveniently located on the 4th floor of SM Downtown Premier. As you step into the barber shop you’ll be immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere. The place looks like an attic or a type of apartment in New York City. The place is very simple yet comforting, it is also a pleasant and refined space where the classic atmosphere contributes to a feeling of well-being.

Macho Mucho offers a variety of professional grooming services for the modern gentleman. It is the leading barbershop and salon in Davao and General Santos City. Since 2013, the brand has become the preferred barbershop destination for their hair grooming. Its Davao branch has been voted as the #1 Barbershop in the city by the Patrons of Davao.

Macho Mucho is dedicated to becoming the ultimate Men’s Upgrade Zone in the country. Their topmost priority is great service. More than a great haircut, they also do hair treatments, grooming, spa, and massage catered to serve the lifestyle of the men today. With thousands already served, they’re now becoming the growing popular salon for men in the city. They also offer free tea and coffee for their valued customers.

Need to upgrade your hairstyle? So what are you waiting for head on now at Macho Mucho barbershop and salon located on the 4th floor of SM Downtown Premier. Have a vibrant day Kagay-anons!

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