The Artist Niko Go On Defining Seduction

At a time when makeup artists were cyber-scrutinized with feverish determination on their masterpieces, Niko Go’s work offers a sublime alternative.

Born Joed Go, or Niko to peers and the industry. A median child with elder sister Nicole and younger sister Charm. Trained by the Fashion Institute of The Philippines, this CDO millennial is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

From Brush to Blush

With an arsenal of canvass art paint brushes, a parental-guarded Niko scours over his personal gallery of abstract and nature artwork collections that not only decorates his home during grade school days but also brought about a great deal of impact on who he is now as a professional make-up artist.

But a “rebellious” Niko reversed his armory from paint brushes to makeup contour blush brush during high school.

Slowly but surely he would be known around Cagayan de Oro as one of the best the industry has to offer.


From Tours to Your Contour

A party animal himself, Niko was exposed to glamorous events in Manila and had a stint as Exhibit Coordinator for Lavish Lashes at Cosmoprof Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong.

During our brief interview at a downtown CDO café, he shared his personal life and how he has become who he is now as an artist in the industry.

His journey

Niko, studied at Corpus Christi School, here and has always been drawn to his artistic personality at a very young age, his love for the craft grew as years go by and one day decided it was time to trade his paint brush for a make-up brush.

The path he has chosen for himself wasn’t easy as some people close to him would discourage him from following his passion in life, but he never gave up on his hope and dreams, neither did it phased him one bit to follow his true calling.

“In my primary years at Corpus Christi School, I always loved to draw and design in my notebooks that my styling sketches usurped in my oratorical contest notes and math quiz bee annotations. Despite being discouraged by my parents to indulge in this passion and to focus on academics, I persist in clandestine. Right after college graduation, I worked at Globe Telecom Makati as a  marketing officer, the fiery beautification zest in me made me take some turn,” Niko said.  


 Even the best in the industry has someone they look up to. Knowing that it is best to learn from the best and take in as much knowledge in this industry in order for his craft to evolve and stay in trend. His creativity itself knows no bounds.

“Although I basically create on my own, I also pick up snippets of wisdom from makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. He is, after all, one of the world’s biggest make-up artists and responsible for the Kim Kardashian contouring that made her famous,” Niko said.  


 With his background in marketing and experience with the one of this country’s biggest telecommunication company Niko understood the importance of having an important and solid marketing strategy in his line of work and with the use of social media, his presence and work can reach a wider array of audience and potential clients, thus the #DefiningSeduction was born.

“When we buy personal care and beauty essentials, we do not buy them for a minimum functional purpose. All efforts should be for the utmost potential of our God-given physique. The business of beautification especially crafted by the makeup artisans should have the penultimate end—to make the client feel seductive to himself.  When we highlight our subject’s special features and enhance the not-so-good features, confidence sparks—and confidence is the most potent ingredient of seduction that conquers all—and all that may,” Niko said.  

Captivating clients

 For anyone in the business industry, it is always important to keep a good relationship with clients and Niko is one of them. For him it is important that each client that he handles would feel satisfied with the outcome – Quality is something Niko is always keen on accomplishing.

“I’m currently keeping up with the rising bookings. I believe in quality work that somehow needs time that there are times I have to turn down some requests. I realized that though I was trained on several marketing strategies in school, in my niche of the beauty industry, the word-of-mouth attestation of my savvy and satisfied clients made me happier with a growing number of clientele who can’t wait to have an encore of my brand of seduction,” Niko said.  

The Future

The future looks promising for Niko, with the things he is currently handling it goes to show how incredibly hardworking and determined he is to stay on top of the game. Each one of us has a dream, Niko says his no different from anyone. Niko’s dream is in line with his craft as he wishes that one day he could open his own business.

With that in mind he and his colleague venture, for Niko this is the first step in realizing his own dream and a little closer in accomplishing them.

“As it is every artist’s dream to have his own shop, the same would be in the pipeline soon. At the moment I am sharing some space with a colleague in the industry at R&B Plaza Masterson Avenue. I may be reached at 09273920360,” Niko concluded

Model: Ashbelle Toreno

Photos by: Mikko Mahinay

Special Thanks to Atty. Ronald Quitos


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