Seven hours away from Cagayan de Oro City, a two-hour ferry ride from Surigao del Norte and an hour away from Siargao’s main town, General Luna, you’ll get to this one heck of a beaut. The journey may be lengthy but the destination left me captivated. But still, it doesn’t mean the journey can’t be fun. Pack up your speakers, swimwear and finger food. Let’s get this started!

The first time I’ve seen Sugba Lagoon was on several Instagram posts. It left me so curious that I told myself I had to visit Siargao one of these days. I didn’t regret that decision at all. Up till now, I always feel like going back.

If you already have a travel agency doing the math for you, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you haven’t, that’s not a problem since there are really lots of shops and resorts here that you can inquire about getting to your desired travel spots. They’re everywhere!

Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, is also known as one of the places here where people from all over the world come to gather or explore. It’s a teardrop-shaped island that forms part of the Pacific Ocean and is mostly known for its white sand beaches, fascinating mangrove forests and surfing. I swear, when I got here, I feel like staying longer. It’s the perfect place to let loose, relax and let nature heal you.


We arrived at Del Carmen via multicab. A boat ride will take you to Sugba Lagoon. The prices will depend on the tour package offered by the Tourism Office. Passing by several mangroves, stilt houses and magnificent rock formations, the mystical Sugba Lagoon was somewhere hidden behind these. (Mermaids, where are you? Lol.) Ironically, it’s not so hidden anymore since a number of tourists flock this attraction everyday. I suggest going there really early  (like 6am-ish) would be the best time to go.

Thankfully, our tour was super organized. A shoutout to the Vender family and Kuya Titing for making our trip stress-free and one for the books. It’s always a joy getting to these kinds of destinations with your squad (fam or friends) because you’ll really feel the excitement on the way there.


The thrill was real as we were nearing the place. We were greeted by this wooden house (that looked like a pretty rest house) where people would basically stay unless they’d go for a swim already.  As soon as our boat was tied to a dock, we hurried to look at the beautiful view. I love how we had the place all to ourselves for a moment there. The water was so inviting in clear blue green. There is a springboard which totally looks pretty to pose on for photos and jump from right after. Best of all, there are lots of activities you can do here aside from swimming so you definitely won’t be bored.


Aside from taking obligatory, Facebook-worthy photos, don’t forget to swim your heart out, put on your sunblock and bask in the sun. You can also rent their very eye-catchy stand-up paddle boards (SUP) for Php 200 per hour or have it whole day for Php 500. They also have life vests and goggles available to give you one safe, memorable experience. Finally, if you have your underwater cameras or go pros, take a leap on the spring board at 5 ft. high and document moments. Well, sadly, in my case, I let my phobia of heights get the best of me again. So, it’s just paddle boards for me! And hello pamaol (muscle pains) the next day.

Just for everybody’s information, they limit your stay up to 4 hours only as to avoid overcrowding of the area. It happens a lot in the summer or sembreak — the ultimate peak season for tourists to come here. So again, it’s best to visit here early as much as possible.

Ready to achieve those squad or relationship goals? Make it happen here at Siargao Island. The isla life just seems to make everything feel better. Sometimes, I could skip everything for a while and extend my stay here. It’s no wonder why people love coming back here — the place is awesome, the locals are so interesting and the ambiance is the best one I’ve ever experienced yet.

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