No Words

Situated and surrounded by clear blue waters and almost an hour away from the main land of Northern Mindanao, the island of Camiguin is a gem not only for its tourist spots but also for its festival. The Lanzones festival in the lone province of Camiguin has been celebrated for 38 times already and it is astonishing to witness first hand. Fast paced drum beats, colourful costumes worn by the contingents, deities or “diwatas”, the children in all their synchronized dances and the people in the streets are only few of the highlights of what the festival truly is. A celebration of harvest, the festival gives tribute to both legend and actual instances in the island and thus gives it its own character. The unique sweetness found in the Lanzones produce in the island is worth travelling for and one can attest to this once you’ve tasted it fresh from the trees.

Recently viral in their ad, the province of Camiguin has garnered attention to both international and local tourists. Accessible not only through the sea but also through their airport, the number of foreign tourists who witnessed the festivities was quite evident. The celebration lasts for a number of days and with each day giving people and festival goers something to look out for. Pageants, Lanzones eating contests, a children’s version of the tableau presentation and concerts were part of this year’s program. Some people on the other hand prefer to seek the tranquility and peacefulness of the place through its various destinations. They have a lot to choose from, the island offers 2 sand bars which gives the tourist different angles of the island, waterfalls that will calm your soul through its cold waters, different springs and pools, ruins and churches with a very distinct history, diving spots with a wide array of marine life and corals and volcanoes to climb for the adventurers.

The island in its own self is a complete package, not only is it a tourist destination but it also gives off this homey feel. The people are warm, friendly and hospitable, which makes any tourist feel welcome and would want to stay a few more days than intended.  From sunrise to sunset and even at night, there are so many things to do, eat, experience and enjoy in the island of Camiguin. With tag lines such as the “Island born of fire” and “The Island of Your Imagination”, these are somewhat just a skin deep description of what it can truly offer to the traveler set to roam around in its vicinity. And to quote the line from their latest ad, one cannot truly comprehend the euphoria or the sensation when you are there – there are no words.

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