Nicole Abas Datayan On Her Fearless Move

After decades of being Cagayan de Oro’s and Northern Mindanao’s very own Queen of talk show, she has finally outdone herself, by walking out of her very own comfort zone and into another media platform called “Digital Media“.

We all know her from when she first started: the local variety show, “Tsada!” She then dominated other TV formats such as the magazine show, “MagTVna, Atoni!”, and later, the showbiz segment as the host of “Star Patrol”. She finally proceeded to conquer the morning show as our favorite sunshine host daily on, “PamahawEspesyal”

She is a trusted national and local brand endorser, a role model, and most of all an empowering woman; she is none other than this city’s most celebrated celebrity, Nicole Abas Datayan.

In the past months Nicole has been building her presence on social media, particularly on YouTube, with her lifestyle video blogs covering this city’s never ending lifestyle evolution. But, more than that, she has been showcasing the beauty of Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao via her YouTube channel, NikiTV.

With the use of technology, Nicole has been dominating social media sites such as Facebook, and YouTube, with her catchy day-to-day life encounters, travels, and food tasting experiences, locally and internationally. With already more than a dozen of episodes under her belt, and under a short span of time, she has managed to create thousands of followers from all walks of life — And in her signature way, has created an impact in this city’s tourism sector.

The Beginning

Nicole candidly admits that she is technologically-challenged, “I have been so used to traditional TV, that using social media as a platform was initially overwhelming.” However, even though she lacks the know-how to run this sort of production, Nicole plowed through; learning everything from scratch. In the past months, her hard work has slowly paid off, gaining subscribers in YouTube on a daily basis,  and strengthening her following on her Facebook page as well. 

She credits her chats with OFWs from her recent travels to New York and Dubai as inspiration to create her own channel, “I talk to our kabayans in the subways, fast-food joints, wherever, and the sentiment is always the same: Mingaw. I get it that being able to watch local shows help ease that kamingaw, kai malingawna sila’g tan-aw sa what’s happening locally; they can catch up on what’s new in their cities.”

“Wherever I go I try to create videos that viewers would feel as though they are there experiencing the place and food themselves, and getting to know interesting and inspiring local personalities.”

Her Transition

It wasn’t simple for Nicole to quit and move on, after being a part of a giant company for almost two decades. But, although she has officially resigned from her regular stint in her morning show, the people who gave her a break and supported her all through the years continued helping her.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was scared this was a big challenge for me. Digital Media is something that I wasn’t very comfortable with. Maybe I’m not “Millennial” enough for this?” Nicole laughs. “But like everything else that you pray for, and have faith that it’s meant to be for you, all fell into place. It felt right for me to move forward and grow, and evolve as an artist and continue to do what I love doing.”

Her Team

In her quest to dominate social media with her show “NikiTV“ on YouTube, and showcasing the beauty of the city and country she loves, Nicole has the support of veterans and trusted colleagues.

“I have a group of brilliant people who are willing to help me. Every day I say a prayer of thanks for them! They are RoelCondeza, June Cañete: my Cameramen and/or Director.  Production manager Jigger Ebabacol whom I used to work with at the TV station.  I also get to pick creative minds like Gean Cesar’s and Donna Ocampo’s, “she said,

“I’m extremely blessed to be able to do this: to continue to put smiles on people’s faces, even if it’s on a different format. That’s more than enough for me. When you’re happy doing what you do, it naturally reflects in your output.”

The Show

The show focuses on providing an in-depth look, unbiased and straightforward, with plenty of fun and excitement, showcasing her beloved Cagayan de Oro and neighboring cities’ as well. New videos are uploaded every Wednesday at 6pm, local time.  If you haven’t yet, subscribe to her Youtube channel: NikiTV and follow her on Facebook: Nicole Abas DatayanNikitv.

Nicole’s Words

“The most important thing for me right now is to thank the viewers who have loved me and supported me for so long! Walaypu-as! I really do appreciate all of them! And to the new viewers, I hope you would also support me on my YouTube Channel “NikiTV“and I hope that they would enjoy the videos, just as I enjoy making them.”

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