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Al Na’ir Uy Moralde is a kagay-anon who found fame in Cebu. He is well known for his comedy videos on YouTube that has gathered more than a thousand subscribers and views in just a few months.

The Youngest of four children, Al Moralde has always had an act for being a comedian growing up. An avid fan of comedy himself, he aspires to one day work with other comedians like Michael V, with a background on theater back when he was still studying under Xavier University — It’s no secret that he is successful in what he does.

Video blogging has slowly gained popularity over the years and like a light bulb, he had a clever idea to do one himself.

Moralde has always been interested in watching other people’s videos as well as sharing them on his social media. Then one day, he decided to make one of his own, just for the fun of it, not knowing that it would change his life.

Changing Careers

Al Moralde like any other had a day job, after finishing college he worked for a telecom company with a decent paying job, but he gave it up to focus on something better — His video blog.

“After natiwas ko ug Development Communication na course in 2015, months after that I worked with a telecom company, bago lang ko nag resign atong 2017 kay gusto nako i-freelance akong Vlogging and focus on it, because I began noticing na mas dako gyud siya ug income compared sako work and its really fun kay I get to travel around the Philippines for free,” he said.

His travels and events are constantly rising along with his popularity which has brought him so far in such a short period of time. He loves the gigs and places that he had the opportunity of visiting, as well as promoting both his video blog and the companies that confidently placed their trust in Moralde‘s talent.

A Fresh Start

Moralde started creating videos as a “vine” for the fun of it because he loves comedy, “Trip-trip lang” as he described, but he never expected it to go viral on social media. He said it made him think of the possibilities or opportunities that can come to it after getting great feedbacks from viewers.

“Adto na time peak kaayo ang mga vines na video, mga triping ni nga mga videos, daghan ga buhat ug vines sa Cebu and Davao, so nag huna-huna ko with my background in theater labi na hilig kaayo nako ang comedy nag buhat sad ko ug akoang vine, trip-trip lang,” he said

“Wala gyud ko nag expect na mo viral. Kamulo pako trabaho ato months past naka huna-huna ko nga maka income man diay gyapon ko ani, so I decided mo undang ko sako work and really focus on my new job,“ he added.

He then shared that resigning was the most memorable moment of his career as well as its turning point, at first there were doubts and he weighed the risk and gains before truly deciding — But only to realize he was looking forward to a fresh start.

“Memorable moment nako ani nga trabaho is that nag resign ko sakong previous work para i-pursue nako ning vlogging, kabalo ko nga risk akong gi buhat kay dili mani siya permi nay income pero wala ko nag mahay sakong desisyon, instead mo look forward ko,“ he said.

His Edge

There are plenty of video blogs out there being shared and created by people from all walks of life, it’s not easy to maintain and have a stable income from it especially when the competition is tight. His edge over the other Vloggers he said is his acting background and the commitment that goes with it.

“Akong i-compare siya sa uban vloggers more on comedy ko although naay daghan ga inani, but some are just following the trend, ako wala ko ni sulod ani because mao uso, ni sulod ko diha because ganahan gyud ko niadto pa na wala pako nag buhat ug videos,” he shared.

He also shared that having positive comments about videos is what keeps him on his toes. It fuels his creativity to create new skits that would keep him trending, but never shying from the reality that it is also his means of income.

He also added that it was like a “meant to be scenario” that he is here doing what he loves.

“So far naka abot nako ug Cebu, Butuan, Davao, Bohol and there are upcoming events from Cebu and Davao ug Cotabato tuloy-tuloy gyud siya,” adding that “Dili sa pag hinambog, sa isa ka simana dili mo ubos ug tulo ka events akong gaka apilan and sometimes in one day I am fortunate enough that I get booked for three to five events, maka sustain gyud siya,” he shared.

What makes it enjoyable for him are not just the perks that comes with his career as a Video blogger, but also having the luxury of time itself to appreciate what life has to offer.

“Ang naka tsada ani nga trabaho kay daghan ko oras para ma enjoy nako ang gusto nako buhaton ug ga income pajud ko while doing it,“ he added.


His growing popularity does have minor setbacks and it also affects his life in some ways. Even though he loves what he does, it sometimes creates a negative image of him. Privacy is his main concern; he has learned through experience that it’s not easy to be in the limelight.

“Privacy, privacy gyud. At first ganahan kaayo ka labi na nay mag pa picture kauban ka labi na gwapa. Na realize nako busa siguro ang uban artista ma ignan nga snub or arte, pero wala ta kabalo gi kapoy raman diay sila,” he shared.

He then recalls: “It was during a big rave event in Cebu na among gi atenan sakong mga friends, at first nay nag pa picture ana-ana, tapos ni abot sa point na ni uli gyud ko kay na bati nako ang kakapoy“.

Dreams for the Future

We all have dreams and the way we achieve it is up to us, for Moralde his dreams for the future is to be successful in life. On top of that he hopes that his blog would also be a success and would continue to grow.

“Mahimog successful na comedian, I want to work with Michael V in the future. Although dili ko mo expect na mailhan pa akong work sa national media pero unta mapadayon nako ang akong ga buhaton, basta dili pinugos ug mo tipas sa goal na mo provide ug kalingawan sa mga tao, ang uban man gud pag sikat na gaka usab ang goal gusto nako maintain lang, and of course to be successful,” he concluded.

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