Like Online Shopping? Here’s how to get some of your cash back

While I still like shopping at brick and mortar stores, I have also developed a penchant for online shopping. Not only does it save time and energy (it looks like traffic is bad everywhere, no matter which country you’re in!), online shopping can also actually help save money. There can be online promos and sales and sometimes, our favorite brands offer awesome discounts only available for online purchases.

I bear more good news, though. What if I tell you that aside from the exclusive online discounts, you can save money by earning back portions of the cash you just paid? Yep, you read that right.

To further convince you, I will even give you a Php 200.00 bonus just for signing up. Interested? Read on.

Presenting ShopBack. ShopBack is a cashback site that pays you for shopping in more than 500 merchant stores. A cashback site literally means getting cash back – when you spend online through ShopBack, we get a portion of our very own purchase back. That means a lot of extra savings and extra money that we can use for more purchases.

I have been a member of ShopBack for quite a while now and you know I only recommend sites that are legitimate and reliable.

If you’re already too eager to begin, sign up for FREE here >>>

I first learned about this site when I was in Malaysia. It’s the top cashback site in Malaysia, Singapore and now, they’re creating a presence in the Philippines.

Let me tell you about some of the things you can save on when you’re a ShopBack member:

  1. You can save on appliances. ShopBack has worked with Robinsons Appliance Store – a brand we Filipinos are very familiar with. Why not buy your next TV, oven toaster or refrigerator and receive cash back?
  2. You can save on beauty items. Ladies, this is absolutely exciting! What if I tell you that you can earn cash when you shop on Sephora (!!!) and on Althea (for your favorite Korean products) via ShopBack? IKR. Breathe in, breathe out.
  3. You can save on Lazada! Yes, you read that right. I know that a lot of you buy stuff online via Lazada. What about getting cashback for every purchase, right? It’s a total no-brainer.
  4. You can save on your next holiday at any Hilton hotel and resort. In fact, if you find a lower available rate anywhere else, Hilton will match it – plus give you $50 back. Amazing!
  5. You can save on hotel bookings and airline bookings.

It’s really all pretty simple. Register for your FREE account now >>> and start earning cash!

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