Kapatid Mentor ME

DTI Jesusa Maagad- Abear, Kapatid Mentor Norman Amerol CPA and Governor Bambi

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Misamis Oriental and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE) spearheaded the Kapatid Mentor ME program to help Small and Medium Entrepreneurs empower themselves by learning from successful business personalities. The province of Misamis Oriental headed by Governor Yevgeny “Bambi” Beja Emano partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry to give opportunities to the province entrepreneurs empower themselves more in managing their small business through ;The Mentor ME (Micro Entrepreneurs) program- a coaching and mentoring approach where large corporations teach MSEs on different aspects of business operations, The Adopt-an-SSF (Shared Service Facility) program- which aims to help micro entrepreneurs by providing them access to SSFs in their community and The Inclusive Business (IB) model where MSEs are linked into large companies’ value chains.

Participants of the Misamis Oriental Kapatid Mentor ME

The Misamis Oriental Kapatid Mentor ME program started last September 28, 2017 and will continue until the 25 mentees will finish their 11 weeks program every Thursday. The mentees who are practicing small entrepreneurs will learn modules on Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management among others. On the last week, the mentee is required to present a business improvement plan, incorporating the learning from the lectures and mentoring sessions.

According to DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez this program “helps to address poverty, we are consistently determined to produce more entrepreneurs, as well as generate more jobs for Filipinos”.

Workshop on Operations Management

I am one of the mentees on this batch, which is the 3rd batch conducted by DTI, and as of the moment I am enjoying every module that the project presented. This activity truly helps Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in acquiring tools in helping them manage their businesses as well as having a wholes tic idea on the business world. I was told that the Kapatid Mentor ME modules are compressed modules from leading Management Schools in the country, and if you want to enroll in these courses it will cost you a 7digit figure for tuition. This initiative from the DTI and the leadership of Misamis Oriental Governor Bambi Emano helps grassroots business people in providing empowerment in managerial skills, the participants in this batch Mentor ME program are producers of Coco Coir, Coco Sugar, Turmeric Tea, handicrafts, silk, soap and other products. We are all looking forward to finish the course and hope more entrepreneurs will benefit from these project. Governor Bambi Emano is so sold out with the project that he enrolled himself on the Kapatid Mentor ME, an inspiration to everyone that even the father of the province humbles himself and becomes a student.

Learning Supply and Value Chain with mentor Maximo Yap

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