A Secret No More

The sweetest things come in small packages; this is quite true to both to the province of Misamis Oriental and the product which it was named after from.

The province of Misamis Oriental is now celebrating its 88th year as a province through its Kuyamis Festival. Through the leadership of Governor Yevgeny “Bambi” Emano, the province is now making waves in the tourism industry in the region.

The province holds numerous waterfalls, white islands, mountain climbing routes, dive spots, variety of municipal festivals and other tourist destinations. Misamis Oriental is now in the limelight as the fruit of hard work is now ripe for picking. Establishing the iconic status of the province is also thanks to the efforts of the recently pledged Tourism Department Head Atty. Jeffrey Saclot, Assitant Department Head Yvonne Waga and the tourism staff. ​From one end to the other, the province celebrates its uniqueness without political borders.

The Kuyamis Festival showcases the different municipalities and their products which are the foundations of the fast growing province. From food, tradecraft, natural resources, human resources and even wildlife, the different towns set up booths in the provincial capitol grounds to give locals a taste of what their locality has to offer. The drive of the local government of the province is to create, identify and preserve what tourist destinations and activities it can offer. With a wide array of tourism genres such as faith tourism, farm tourism, domestic tourism and inbound tourism, the tourism department are neck deep at work in order to provide the proper services to develop these products.

​The province also supports and sends world class beauties. Reigning Ms. Scuba Philippines Sherlyn Doloriel which carried the flagship of the province and Miss Millennail Misamis Oriental and reigning Miss Kuyamis Ms. Berjayneth Chee are examples of such beauties who have become the ambassadors not only to the locals but to the rest of the country and to the world.

This year, 20 hopeful candidates are in the contest for Miss Kuyamis 2018 and are representing their respective municipalities. Through the beauty pageant, social media has become quite the tool to promote the different tourist destinations in the municipalities.

What once was just a “secret” to the country and to the region is now becoming a hot topic in the interwebs. It is evident that the province will soar higher as it was also awarded the seal of good local governance and will continue to do its good practices to serve the people. Misamis Oriental is certainly a pearl in the orient of Region 10.

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