22nd National Autism Consciousness Month Is The Angel Making Contest

Starting on the 3rd Sunday of January the National Autism Consciousness Week will be kicked off with an Angels Walk where the participants wear angel wings and costumes this is an annual event in which the activity is to promote awareness in the community about autism.

Angel has become one of the most popular symbols of autism. Through the years, they have added more activities involving angels to celebrate Autism Week. This year in City Central School SPED Center, other than the Angels Walk, they have also conducted Coloring and Poster Making Contests, Puzzle Solving Contest and the Angel Making Contest.

To make the event even more relevant, they have decided that the materials to be use in the contest is made up of recycled and indigenous materials. The contest is even made more special with the participation of students from the regular classes to act as partners to the SPED students.

This is in line with the direction of the Department of Education towards inclusion. This year there are twelve entries representing the SPED classes in the SPED Center. These angels are made of 12 creative and talented inclusive pairs of students – one pupil from a special education class and another student from the regular education classThe contest was held last Friday, January 19, 2018. The overall winner will be based on the jury’s scores and the number of likes of the angel will get in Facebook.

The criteria for judging are creativity, uniqueness, use of recycled and indigenous materials and, color harmony and overall aesthetics. There will be two special prizes, the Jury’s Choice for the angel with the highest score based on the criteria; and the People’s Choice Award for the angel with the most likes on Facebook. To determine the overall winner, 50% will be based on the judges’ score and the other 50% from the Facebook likes.

Hopefully through this they can reach out to more people and educate them about autism. The deadline for liking is until January 30, 11:59 PM. The declaration of winner will be on January 31 during the Culminating Program of Autism Consciousness Celebration.

Let us help and support City Central School SPED Center. Like and Share the angel you think is the most original and creative, like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/CDOSPEDCenter/.

Have a vibrant day Kagay- anons!

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